From the Mosquito Guy Himself....

Since 1998, The Mosquito Guy has been "busting bugs" all around Wisconsin and Illinois.  Hear from the "Mosquito Guy" himself as to what to watch out for...

Your legs itch especially below the knee. What happened?

A love letter to mosquitoes

Myths and facts regarding mosquitoes

How to prevent diseases from ticks

April showers will bring June mosquitoes. What were you expecting, “May flowers?”

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Save $10 on Mosquito Control with our Referral Program - Take Advantage of The Mosquito Guy Referral Program

Mosquito Hatches - Is your yard suddenly bad again?

Ick! It's Tick Season - Be on the lookout for Ticks!

Have Japanese Beetles Attacked Your Yard? - Watch out for Signs of Japanese Beetles!
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