You Won't See Um ... But You'll Feel No-See-Ums

Your legs itch. They're covered with red marks, especially below the knee. What happened?


If you were relaxing outside in early evening, in shorts and sandals, the culprit is clear.


You've been attacked by no-see-ums, a tiny insect that can cause big discomfort. Prepare for plenty of itching and irritation in the coming days.


"No-see-ums?" What are no-see-ums?


No-see-ums have other names: gnats, biting midges, sand flies and a few others. You might have more: "annoying" and "irritating" probably come to mind.


No-see-ums are appropriately named. At just 1 to 3 millimeters in size, they're difficult to spot. You'll know they're present, though, when they fly into your eye, or mysterious red marks suddenly appear.


These biting bugs share many traits with mosquitoes. They lurk in grass and bushes. Females are the blood-seeking predators. They hunt in the early morning and evening.


Unfortunately, no-see-ums aren't easily controlled. Insecticides work briefly, but the population quickly regenerates. Some insect repellents are formulated for no-see-ums (be sure to read labels).


No-see-ums are weak flyers, so a strong fan keeps them away. Avoiding grass and shrubs during their active periods helps. Long sleeves and pants reduce the exposed skin they seek.


If you have a party or other event approaching – and wonder how to get rid of no-see-ums in Waukesha, Brookfield, Pewaukee and Hartland, WI, and Crystal Lake, IL - the Mosquito Guy can help. A no-see-ums treatment a day or two prior can leave you (and your guests) comfortable and bite-free.


Contact us to learn more. The alternative, as anyone who's experienced no-see-um bites knows, is decidedly unpleasant.

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