Mosquito Control Party Protection

One Time Application

Are you hosting a wedding, graduation party, or other special event this summer? We can help prevent annoying mosquitos and bugs from ruining your big day by offering a one-time application. Please keep in mind that our schedule fills up quickly (especially around the holidays) and it's best to call us to help you out as soon as possible. Our one time application usually ranges from $150-$200 depending on the amount of vegetation and the size of your yard.

Helpful Bug-free Party Tips

Whenever you have a party, remember the following:

  • Trying to Avoid Mosquitos?¬† Night Time Ain't The Right Time

    • Going outside at night time ain't the right time and this is why:

      Mosquitoes come out to feed between 7:00 and 9:00 pm. They are attracted to your patio and window lights and will come from a long distance. Bonfires are also going to draw your neighbor's mosquitoes. Personal products and citronella candles can be helpful at this time.

  • Always have backup protection
    • When you are hosting large gatherings outside, you and your guests are all breathing (the good news), but the increased amount of carbon dioxide attracts mosquitos like a magnet. While our product offers the best protection from mosquitos, you always want to have as many forms of protection as possible. Our top back-up suggestions include: "Fog in a Can", personal spray (like Off!), and yard guard.

  • Bonfires attract mosquitos
    • Mosquitos are attracted to the light of the fire. If you really want to avoid mosquitos at your party, don't have any bonfires!
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