Have your yard sprayed for capenter antsCarpenter Ant - In some areas of the country, carpenter ants cause more damage to structures than termites. They are difficult insects to control and can cause extensive damage to wood members in a fairly short period of time. Carpenter ants do not actually eat wood but excavate galleries within it to use as nesting sites. Foraging activity can occur at any time of day but usually peaks at night. When foraging inside houses, carpenter ants are attracted to sweets, meat, grease and fat.

Have your yard sprayed for fire ants.Fire Ant - The fire ant is an insect that bites and stings but the bite itself is not what inflicts pain. This social insect will (when disturbed or when its colony is disturbed) emit powerful pheromones that attract and alarm other members of the colony. These pheromones call the colony members to the attack. Once the fire ant locates and contacts what it perceives to be its enemy, it first bites its victim or attacker. This bite is not intended for use as pain inflicting device but rather as a means to hold on so that it can use its stinger. The fire ants that cover your feet, ankles and legs after you step on their mound are all female ants. The stinger is actually a modified ovipositor which (by definition) is an egg laying apparatus of a female insect.

After attaching itself to your skin with its teeth, the fire ant can better deliver its painful sting. The ant swivels around as it holds on, delivering multiple stings in a circular pattern.


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