Clients are "Buzzing" about The Mosquito Guy...

"Our experience with The Mosquito has been excellent for many years. It has allowed us to use our deck more frequently than we previously could because of the lack of mosquitoes. It helps if neighbors also use the service as it makes the whole area more enjoyable."

"We used The Mosquito Guy for pest control last June. They sprayed our yard for mosquitoes and ticks. They did two sprayings a couple weeks apart.

They were fantastic; I loved them. They called back to make sure everything was good and that we were satisfied with their work; we were. They came back one time and we were outside by the pool with my daughter and they came back the next day because they couldn’t spray with all of us out in the yard. They were just awesome."

"The Mosquito Guy has done absolute wonders for our outdoor enjoyment. I never thought of using a mosquito control company before, but after seeing the huge difference that The Mosquito Guy has made after one spray, I know I will use them every summer!"

"The Mosquito Guy is completely worth the cost. I live near a marsh and my back yard was pretty much unusable for most of the summer. Now I cook out all the time and rarely need to put on bug spray."

"I would love to thank your Waukesha crew for their excellent customer service. This year has been a challenge for everyone with all the rain and they came through with flying colors. We will diffently recommend you to everyone. Thank you. "

"My neighbors saw me in my yard and came over and asked why I didn't have mosquitoes and they did. So I told them about the Mosquito Guy--they immediately asked for the phone number. It is SO NICE to have use of my yard and patio again!!"

"We have had our yard sprayed for 3-4 years now and missed one year. I was so bit up in my garden that year that I will never miss another year. My neighbor doesn't think it is worth it and yet they can't believe they get bit up and I don't, even when I sit right on the ground. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Mosquito guy. You are reliable, prompt and very enjoyable to talk to on the phone."

"We were so pleased that we had our backyard treated for mosquitos last year. We live near the Vernon Marsh and have bugs the size of 747s. We were able to use our yard so much more. Thank you, John!"

"Best in the business. Reliable and show up on a regular basis like clockwork. The treatments really work, I could not be more pleased with the Mosquito Guy."

"John - Your crews are absolutely the best. They don't take shortcuts and are very courteous and always go the extra mile. Your services are by far the best in this business. Keep up the fine work and I'll always refer you to everyone I know."

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