Yes, it's personal with these bugs ...





It all started in our backyard – rather innocently, really. We wanted to protect the grandchildren (now numbering 8) and dogs from mosquitoes, bees and wasps. Pretty typical, right? Well, we discovered an insect repellent that really worked. This insect spray was so good, it seemed right to help others. A few leaps of faith, and a new pest control company was born. The Mosquito Guy took flight.

Take back your yard from the bugs!




Time has flown. The Mosquito Guy has expanded throughout southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Three generations of our family are involved. Our guaranteed insect control service keeps growing. Safety remains a top priority. All our applicators are licensed and certified. Best of all, our bug treatment helps people enjoy their yards. After all these years, their smiles remain the greatest reward.


John and Sue Esser - The Mosquito Guy (and Gal)

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