Answers to Questions about Insect Spray

Below are the answers to many of the questions that have been asked  about The Mosquito Guy's insect spray application.  Simply click on any of the questions below to receive an answer.


How effective is the application?

Very effective! 97-98% percent of the mosquitos in  your yard will be gone almost immediately. However, this is not a major  frost. Mosquitos coming into your yard must land on sprayed areas.


How long does an application last?

We have found that the mosquito application we provide has excellent  residual activity. However, it is difficult for anyone to determine the  exact length of time due to many variables.  An application usually lasts approximately 30 days and we have found in the past  that two applications 30 to 40 days apart were all that were necessary  for most of our customers.

How much does a two application package cost?

The price varies with the size of the property and the amount of vegetation being sprayed. The cost for an average yard is $250-$300 for the two-application package. The only way for us to give each individual yard an estimate is to take a look at your property and give you a free quote. This is because we determine our prices based on what we have to spray, not on square footage. If you'd like for us to come take a look at your property call us at 262-521-1258 or click here.

When is the best time to get started?

We begin spraying at the end of May and stop near the end of September.  If you have a problem within that time frame please feel free to give us a call at 262-521-1258 or click here to get a quote.  That being said, for maximum effectiveness, we suggest you start in the spring, prior to the first  outbreak of the mosquito season. Not only will this kill the mosquitos  when they start to hatch, it will also reduce the amount of eggs being  laid in your yard.

Is your product safe for children & pets?

The product we use is one of the LEAST toxic products for the control of mosquitos being used. Our product dries on the vegetation being sprayed in less than one hour. Once the product is dry your yard can be enjoyed by children and pets comfortably.


Our product is approved by the EPA to be used around children and pets. It is also approved for inside use. If you'd like to read more about the product we use, Demand CS, click here.

Does the product wash off in the rain?

No. A normal amount of rain (1 Inch or less) will not affect the product. The product is designed to withstand rainfall. It gradually dissipates over time. We do not guarantee the product will last through abnormally high amounts of rain.

Will my neighbor's mosquitos fly into my yard?

Our mosquito application is a contact killer. Any mosquitos landing  on the treated surface in your yard will die. In many cases we will  treat overhangs, doors, window frames, etc., to give more protection if  necessary. We do suggest that you talk to your neighbors about spraying  for maximum protection.


We give a $10 discount for each new referral that signs up for a two spray package. To find out more about our referral program click here.


We also offer group discounts.

What types of bugs does your product control?

We have a list of 40 different insects that are controlled or eliminated with our treatment. The most common are: