Japanese Beetle Protection

Special One Time Application Offer: Only $75!


We're excited to offer a special price on Japanese beetle  applications!  If you and a next door neighbor both get sprayed for  Japanese beetles on the same day, you will each only pay $75 (half of  what we usually charge) and if 4 or more neighbors in a row get sprayed  at the same time, it's only $50!  Call us today at 262-521-1258 to get on our schedule.

Information about Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles have eaten their way through many rose bushes, grape vines, trees, and other plants in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois over the past few summers.  These terrible pests can devour a rose bush in a matter of hours, and if they are not treated, can cause permanent damage to trees!

Recognizing Signs of Japanese Beetles

Dead patches of grass spotting your yard

Japanese beetle grubs feed on the roots of grass before they turn into their adult form.  Multiple patches of dead grass could indicate that a lot of adults are about to take over your yard.


Skeletonized leaves

Adult Japanese beetles eat all the "meat" off of leaves of all types of plants.  You can tell Japanese beetles have infested your yard when the plant appears to be dying from the amount of leaves its lost.  The leaves often look like they're made of lace because of the amount of damage to them

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