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Protect your "Staycation" Location

As happenings cancel left and right because of coronavirus, millions are left taking spontaneous “staycations.”  They’ve also been reacquainted with an all-too-regular outdoor visitor: mosquitoes.

Attack of the Japanese Beetle Bug

If your lawn has random brown patches, or leaves on your trees look like something attacked them with a scissors, chances are you can blame Japanese beetles.


Flying Bugs, Spiders & Insects Are NOT The Type of Company You Want On Your Sail Boat This Summer

Come late spring or early summer, you probably can't wait to get out on your sail boat. Be aware that you might have some unanticipated company.

Latest Wisconsin Pest: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

The hits just keep coming, in the form of more unwelcomed six-legged visitors whose real home is across the waters.


A surge of offensive bugs has washed over our Ozaukee County neighborhood Pewaukee and Wisconsin in the past two decades: the Japanese beetle and gypsy moth to name a few. All are native to foreign countries. All have caused environmental and economic havoc in the United States, where no natural predators exist to control them.


Do All The Spider Webs Make You Feel Like You Live In A Haunted House?

Tired of having to continually spray cobwebs off the side of the building? Or, worse yet, power wash or paint every few years to get rid of built-up webs?


Ick!  That Small Insect Could Be A Tick

Something crawling on your body usually creates a variety of reactions: bothered at best, downright scary at worst.


In a world of unwanted crawling critters, ticks might be the most unwanted of all.

More is Really Less for Mosquito Repellent Spraying

Sometimes, believe it or not, more is truly less. Mosquito repellent spraying is a prime example.


Think about fertilizing your lawn. Do you really need six or seven applications? Of course not. Starter fertilizer in the spring, weed and feed in summer, and winterizer in the fall. Any more, and you risk doing more harm than good.

Ticks Can Spread Lyme Disease

Ticks are disgusting insects. They can be hazardous, too. The pinhead-size deer tick (one of two tick species in this area) can harbor Lyme disease.

A Non-Toxic Backyard Treatment to Safeguard Against Ticks

The Mosquito Guy's green and safe backyard treatment will keep away ticks which can carry Lyme disease but will not harm kids, bees, butterflies or earthworms.

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