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“Staycation” due to coronavirus? Mosquito spraying service keeps your yard safe in Riverwoods

Spending extra time at home nowadays? You’re not by yourself.


As happenings cancel all over due to coronavirus, millions are left taking unintended “staycations.” Those who normally plan on sports, concerts, fairs and festivals for amusement, have gone seeking fun in their own backyards in Riverwoods.


They’ve also been reacquainted with an all-too-regular outdoor visitor: mosquitoes.


Make no uncertainty:question: Mosquitoes will home in on you. Sensing carbon dioxide, these bloodthirsty bugs can spot a meal 200 feet away. If you’re breathing, you’re their next meal.


Maybe you’ve made some improvements to your Riverwoods yard: a firepit. Landscaping. A game area or pool. Outdoor furniture. A patio or deck. Newly-trimmed trees or shrubs.


So, just at a time when you’re craving to get out of the house, don’t let mosquitoes propel you back inside. The Mosquito Guy’s mosquito spraying application makes your yard a haven during COVID-19 days. Two mosquito control services usually cover an entire season in Riverwoods.


The Chinese virus doesn’t bother mosquitoes. A mosquito yard treatment from the Mosquito Guy is a different result.


Why is The Mosquito Guy’s mosquito spraying application more potent? Other mosquito management companies use fogging, which easily blows or drifts away. It vacates. Mosquitoes return.


The Mosquito Guy’s mosquito yard spray adheres to nearby vegetation. It remains, in the very flora where mosquitoes hide. They die. You enjoy your yard.


A two-application package starts at $270. Insect spray services also target other bothersome, uninvited bugs such as Japanese beetles and ants. The Mosquito Guy’s professional applicators are licensed, certified and insured.


The Mosquito Guy offers a chemical-free mosquito control service, too. Made of all-natural, cedar oil-based repellent, the chemical-free mosquito management spray forms an organic shield around foliage. One less concern, at a time when coronavirus provides many more.


If you’re having a gathering – social distancing, anyone? - one-time mosquito spraying is available for parties and special events. Prices start at only $155.


For longer than 20 years, The Mosquito Guy has kept Riverwoods yards and homeowners safe from mosquitoes and other uninvited pests. At a time of forced “staycations” due to COVID-19, being able to enjoy your yard is more vital than ever. Contact The Mosquito Guy today to make sure your time spent at home is fun, fulfilling and free from unintended visitors.

Protect your "Staycation" Home with Mosquito & Insect Spraying near Riverwoods, IL

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